Why a Bail Bondsman?

Not sure if you need a bail bondsman, here are some examples where a bonding company will be needed:

Scenario:  You are driving home one night after a night out with the girls and you are suddenly pulled over for a minor traffic violation.  The officer asks for a license, insurance and registration and suddenly you remember that you forgot to pay those traffic tickets you had been dreading.

Unfortunately, as the police officer runs your license, outstanding tickets and pending warrants will show up.  Your chances of being apprehended are high.  You are faced with the chances of being arrested and; therefore, sit in jail, UNLESS you contact a bail bondsman.

Bail bondsman to the rescue!

Scenario:  You attend a party with friends.  A fight breaks out between one of your friends and another person.  You find yourself attempting to break it up but as you pull the guy off your friend, the other person gets hurt.

The police and ambulance are called and the guy decides he wants to press charges against you for assault and battery.  Unfortunately, these situations can get you arrested and this is the time to request the help of a bonding company to bail you out.

These are only two of many scenarios that people can easily find themselves.  Every situation is different and for each situation a Judge decides whether to set a bond or not and the amount of the bond.

Make one phone call to your local Suffolk, Virginia bail bondsman and you can be released as he pays bail.

Remember when you are in trouble and locked up, a friend or family member can help you get out by meeting with the bail bondsman and take care of the process.

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