Bail bonds Agent to the Rescue These Holidays

During the Holidays, no one wants to be thinking about stressful situations especially when it involves getting arrested.  Unfortunately, during this season there are more people needing the help of a bailbonds man in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas Hampton Roads.  As they say, ‘tis the season to be jolly’ and you don’t want to end up sitting in jail.

You may have questions about bail bonds if you find yourself in jail or if you have someone you love and care calls you from a jail cell.  Just pick up the phone and we can talk to you about what is involved in posting bail and how our bondsman can help you.

We are, a professional and helpful with many years of experience in helping others when they are in desperate need to post bail.

We know it is not a very pleasant experience to get arrested, and you surely don’t want to be sitting in jail twiddling your thumbs.  It is only human to want to get out of jail as quickly as possible, especially if bail has been set.

You have the right to seek the service of a bondsman to help get you out of jail while you are awaiting for a court date.  You don’t want to spend the holidays sitting in jail.

In order for us help, your or a friend or family member, we will need the full name of the defendant, the location of the defendant, what period of time the person has been in jail, what the charges against the defendant are, and bail amount is. Furthermore, we will require at least two references regarding the defendant.

We then proceed to post bail for once references check out.  There is a client agreement that will need to be signed.  Client will need to comply with legal requests including not commit anymore crimes while waiting to go to court and promise to show up on court date.

We wish everyone a safe and ‘jail FREE’ holidays.  But should you need the help of a bail bondsman in these times, please call us TODAY at


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