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Top 7 Reasons to Use Bail Bonds Services in Hampton Roads

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one out of every 20 people will serve prison time at some point in their lives. This is about 5% of the United States Population. While going to prison has a lot of unknowns, there are ways that you can make this experience less stressful. 

One is by hiring bail bonds services to help you get out of jail until your court appearance.  

Do you want to learn more about bail bonds services and why you should use these services in Raleigh, NC? Keep reading these top seven reasons to use bail bonds for DUI or other crimes. 

1. Makes Bail Less Expensive

Bail is often set intentionally high to make it difficult to pay. In fact, studies show that eight out of 10 people would need to pay their yearly salary to make the average bail amount.

This means that paying your bail in full may drain your savings account. 

When you hire a bail bond agent, it can make your bail more affordable. While the bail amount stays the same, you will not have to spend nearly as much money. Typically, you only have to pay your bond agent a premium or service charge. 

2. Lowers Time in Jail

Hiring a bail agent is also beneficial as it lowers your time spent in jail. If you cannot afford to pay your bail, you will have to stay in jail until your court hearing. 

Even if you had enough money to pay your bail, it may be difficult to get access to the money for several days. This may mean that you have to stay in jail over the weekend until you are able to get enough money gathered. 

On the other hand, a bail agent will speed up the process to get you temporarily released from prison. This means you will spend less time waiting in jail, especially because many companies are open 24/7. 

3. Provides Access to a Public Defender

Another benefit of using a bail agent is that it will provide you with access to a public defender.

When you post cash bail, the courts will think that you are able to pay for your own attorney and will not give you access to the free public defender of the state. 

If you use a bail bonds agent, the courts will not think that you have the means to pay for an attorney and will give you access to the public defender. 

4. Offers More Payment Options

Something else to consider is that you will have more payment options when you utilize bail bond services. 

Bail can be expensive, which makes it difficult for many people to gather the money for it. In fact, only 39% of Americans can afford an unexpected $1,000 expense. Often, bail costs much more than this. 

If you don’t have the money to pay for your bail, many bail bond agencies offer financing options to help you afford their services. These include payment plans, credit cards, or collateral.

With these additional payment options, your bail bond agency will be flexible with your financial status. This is not an option with the courts. If you do not have the money for bail, you simply will not be able to get out of jail until your trial date. 

5. Saves Money for Other Expenses

When you do not have to pay as much money for your bail upfront, you can use your savings for other expenses. When you are going to court, you will have to pay different legal trials fees. 

These include court fees, lawyer fees, and other legal expenses. 

By avoiding paying your bail in full, you will have enough money to pay for these other expenses without draining your bank account. 

6. Provides a Team to Work With

Next, you should use a bail bond agent because it provides you with a team to work with. The judicial system is very slow and complex, so it can be difficult to navigate it. 

If you are doing this alone, you may feel confused and overwhelmed. However, a bail bond company will work with several people to speed up the process of bailing out of jail. 

Having a team to work with will lessen the stress that you are feeling and will help you achieve the results that you need. 

7. They Have Experience in the Entire Process

Finally, you should hire bail bonds services because they have experience with the entire process, from the arrest process to the paperwork. 

These companies have to meet many education and experience requirements to be licensed, which means they are trained and qualified to help you. 

Bail bond agents also work with people in your shoes every single day. They know how the courts work and they know what steps to take to bail people out of jail efficiently. 

Because they are experts in the process, they can speed up the process and help you get out of jail more quickly and more affordably. 

Hire Brook Bail Bonds in Hampton Roads VA

When you are in jail, it can be nearly impossible to mobilize your assets. If you don’t have the cash to get out of jail, you can get out of jail faster by using bail bonds services. 

This offers more payment options and provides you with an expert in the process. 

Are you looking for bail bonds services in Hampton Roads VA? Booker Bail Bonds can help! We offer 24/7 bail bond services to help you or your loved ones get out of jail quickly. Contact us today to learn about our services!