Help with Bail Bonds in Virginia

In normal situations no one walks around thinking they will ever need the services of a bail bondsman.  These are business cards you do not want think of keeping at your reach because that would mean someone is in trouble.  In most cases, people can go about their lives not needing the services of a bail bonds.

But what happens when you or someone you love gets into a situation, as minor as it may be, that breaks the law.  Violations differ from state to state but if a violation requires incarceration, a bail bondsman can help you or loved one get out of jail and post bail until a court date.

It may be at this time that you may wish you had someone to call.  You don’t need my business card but you do need to know how you can contact me.  If you are in the Hampton Roads area including Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, Suffolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Southeast and Central Virginia you can Call Us @ 757-679-9235.

When you sign for the services of a bond agent, you will need to consider that you will be entering into a contract.  It’s a contract between the defendant, the party signing for the bond, the bail bondsman and the courts.

The bond provides some measure of assurance to the court that the defendant will show up before the court and on the scheduled time and date.  There may also be some restrictions that the defendant will need to adhere to:

  • NO drugs or alcohol,
  • NO contact with other defendants involved in the case,
  • NO other arrests, violations nor charges,
  • NO travel nor leaving state,
  • NO breaking nor disobeying the judges restrictions

After hiring the services of a bail bondsman in Virginia, specifically in the Hampton Roads area and surrounding locations, it is important to give serious thought to making sure the defendant follows the rules and appears in court.

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