Help from a Bail Bonds

You are settling down and enjoying a nice quiet evening with your family and the telephone rings. The call is from your best friend, Bob. He’s just got in a fight at the local bar and been arrested. He wants you to go to a bail bondsman and get him bail to get out of jail. You scratch your head. What the heck is bail bonds? Where do I go in VA beach to find a bails bonds agent? Well, there is a bails bonds service on Hampton Roads, VA beach area in Virginia. Therefore, you do have help close by.

Bail Bondsman

Your friend is in jail and has been booked for a crime. He wants to get out before his wife knows he’s missing. Well, the system will set a bail for your friend to allow him to get out of jail and get on with his life, before his wife finds out and he gets in more trouble. This is one condition set by the court system that you must follow.

How to Get Bail

Of course, you are very close to your friend, but you are not going to use your money to bail him out of the jail. Using your property for collateral is out of the question too. Furthermore, your friend is broke. Therefore, the best course of action to take is to find a reputable bail bondsman to handle the bail bonds issue. The bail bondsman will help the bail go a lot smoother. For example, in VA Beach, the bondsman will help your friend get released from jail. A fee is paid to the bail bondsman, which is about 10 percent in Virginia. This is paid by your friend to the bail bonds professional. In return, the bail bondsman tells the court that he will pay the entire bail, if your friend does not show up on his court date. If your friend, does not show up on the appointed court date, he loses his bond and is returned to jail.

Suppose your friend does not show up on the appointed court date set by the judge? Will a bounty hunter track him down mercilessly? Well, probably not something that dramatic. However, the bail bondsman might hire someone to track your friend down and convince them to return to jail and try to recoup the money lost.

As you get a bail bondsman to help, it’s always wise to ensure the person returns for his/her court date.

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