Sitting in Jail is No Story to Tell

If you are arrested and taken to jail you may not know what to do next, particularly when it’s your first time stepping foot in a jail.  It’s not a fun trip and it’s a trip NO one wants to take.  A good number of people will never step in jail, but unfortunately, lots of other people do not have the same luck.

After being arrested and after going through the booking process your mind is in disarray and you may even be in shock.  As you come to grips, you find yourself thinking of who to call and who can make bail.  Sitting in a jail cell is not an experience anybody would want to relive.

In situations like this, you more than likely will not be able to afford to pay a bond.  This is where the bail bondsman comes in.  He can work with your family or friends who can work to get you out.

Bail may be set at hundreds of thousands of dollars. A bail bondsman can help put up the required amount of money which is usually ten percent of the total bail. The bail bondsman will have the liability of you showing up to court. The money you pay the bonding company in non refundable but you will not have to come up with the required amount all at once and on your own.

When you are accused of a felony in Suffolk, VA you should call a bail bonding company right away. The bonding company is open 24 hours a day every day of the week. A person may have to fill out an application and give the bail bondsman their information including contact information and details about the crime they are being charged with.

Once a bondsman has this information they can issue a bond and allow you to be freed from jail. You will be required to show up your court date and comply with all conditions of your release.

A bails bondsman can help you stay free until your court date. You will be able to help you case by carrying on with your everyday life rather than sitting in jail.

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